Monday, June 13, 2011

Someone Waiting at Home

8x8 Oil on Canvas

One of my favorite girls is graduating from high school tomorrow.  She is excited, just as she should be, to leave high school behind and move on to her next big adventure in life.  I think of  her as sweet dreams, happiness and sunshine and it has been a gift to watch her grow up.  As a little girl, she would show up at my door dressed in an outfit  made up of every princess costume she owned.  In fact I'm not sure I saw her in real clothes till she was in middle school.  She has grown into a real life beautiful princess of a young woman.  And I know she will find success and joy wherever life takes her.

 But there's always someone left at home when you set off for life's new places.  Parents, of course, have to absorb all of the bitter and the sweet that comes with this new stage in life.  But someone else.  A sweet puppy....grown into a sweet old dog.  He will miss his sunshine girl and she will miss him. So my gift to one of my favorite girls is a small painting to take with her on her new adventure...of someone waiting patiently at home.  Congrats Emma Lou...Love You!

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R.Parker said...

Thank You Dottie!
This is so special. What a wonderful piece and such warm and insightful sentiments accompanying Em's imminent journey.

Thank You!