Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sadie's Smile

Sadie's Smile
8" x 10" oil on canvas
©2011 DottieLeatherwood

It has been over a week since I have been on the "blog".  It has been a nice break spent with family but I am anxious to get back to my paints.  This is a commission I painted before Christmas. Since it was to be given as a present, I wanted to wait to post it.  The sweet black lab in the painting is named Sadie.  She had a wonderful life with her family. And even though she, as they say, has passed over the rainbow bridge her spirit lives on, as all great dogs do.  Her owners are wonderful people with a great love of animals, who always seem to have a pack of rescued black labs walking them through the neighborhood.  I love the tranquility of this scene and the slight smile of contentment on Sadie's face.  A well-loved lab sprawled on a dock, basking in the sun's last rays, after a day spent on the just doesn't get much better than that.

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