Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Being Productive....

Today has been one of those days.  Productive but nothing actually produced.  I have worked on about six different paintings today but finished none!  Here are the three that are on my easel currently.

The small painting on the right is a study for a larger painting I am thinking of doing. I've made changes to my original design because they just weren't translating onto canvas well.  I think I have worked out most of the problems and should be able to finish it tomorrow. The larger painting in the middle is about half done but is too wet to finish.  I am happy with my color scheme though and loving the little sandpipers. The other small painting is about 90% done. Just needs a few more highlights.

It is a beautiful day to paint...headed back to my studio!

Thursday, January 26, 2012


22" x 28" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

Need a little spray today?  I'm not going to give you the weather report today like I've done the last two days but I had to put the top up on the jeep :( . C'est la vie!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

looking swell... SOLD

looking swell
30" x 48" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

The weather here today was looking swell also! It was a sunny sky-65 degree-top down-on-the-jeep kind of swell day.  Such a gift after all of the rain and dreary weather we've had lately.  This is another one of my paintings in my water series. Early morning, just a hint of sun on the horizon, watching the waves break....nothing but time stretched out in front of you.... A little winter dreaming.  Hope you have a swell day!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Groovy Tuesday, Take 2...

branching out
30" x 24" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

It is raining here again today for the thousandth day in a row it seems. Beyond gloomy outside. The path to my studio squishes and pulls at my boots like I am walking in the marsh mud. I have gone through my entire stack of dog towels wiping the red clay off of my dog's feet. It's amazing how much mud he can get between his toes! Are you getting the picture....not my kind of weather. I am a hot weather-sunshine kinda girl. So in lieu of sunshine, here's another groovy Tuesday painting. This is from a series of pictures I took of the reflections of tree trunks in the water on a clear, sunny day. Almost seems like a dream :).

Thursday, January 19, 2012

No bling...

tied up
20" x 20" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

Some boats are pretty...they are meant for sailing but they are meant for beauty, too. The lines, the angles, the way they slip through the water, everything about them is marvelous to behold.  And some boats are meant for work.  They are built to get the job done.  Strictly utilitarian in design. You still get the wonderful feel of cutting through the water but without the bling.  This little fishing boat is one of those.  I found it pulled up and tied at the edge of the marsh.  It had been well used but the patina was what I loved most about it. 
As I was painting it, I was reminded of my brother.  When we were teenagers, he got a boat.  Actually my dad told him he was going to buy him a boat.  I don't know exactly what sort of boat my brother was expecting but when my dad showed him the little aluminum fishing boat, I could tell that was not what he had in mind.  The look on his face told it all.  Poor guy.  He should have known what was coming because my dad was nothing but practical, just like this little boat!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

cotton candy clouds

cotton candy clouds
15" x 30" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

This painting was done as a challenge for a painting group that I am a member of.  The challenge was "no brush" ...anything else was fair game.  I used a palette knife for the whole painting with the exception of a smudge here and there with my finger.  The pink and purple clouds reminded me of cotton candy....hence the name!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Groovy Tuesday

reflections of a shrimp boat
30" x 40" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

Here is another painting in my water series.  I love the abstract reflections of objects in the water.  They are so much fun to paint...almost like a funky tie-dye shirt!  My friends tease me about being a hippie chic so I guess the swirls and shapes just appeal to me.  Can you make out the shrimp boat in the reflection?  To give you a point of reference, the black semi-circles at the top of the painting are the reflections of the life preserver rings on the side of the boat.  Pretty groovy, huh?

Thursday, January 12, 2012

heart of a shell ....SOLD

heart of a shell
6" x 6" oil on panel
©2012 DottieLeatherwood
Do you see the big picture here?  This painting is from one of my early morning walks on the beach this fall.  I was snapping pictures of everything and took a few pictures of the shells in the sand at my feet.  I liked the light in this one and the little depression of sand that this shell sat in.  I also wanted to see if I could capture this little scene with a limited range of color which is not my usual m.o.  I was happy with my efforts and took a picture of it yesterday to put here on my blog.  Only then did I notice that the depression in the sand was in the shape of a heart and that the shell itself was almost heart shaped.  I had spent all this time painting it but didn't see that at all!  Metaphor for everyday life I guess....getting all wrapped up in the details and failing to see the big picture! 

This shell painting is up for auction on DailyPaintworks.com, just follow the "bid" link above.  Have a great day and don't forget to see the big picture!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

field in early summer....SOLD

field in early summer
5" x 7" oil on panel
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

Here is another small painting up for auction on DailyPaintworks.com, just follow the "bid" link above. Lots of great summer blues and greens.  Have a great day!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

make it a double...

make it a double
©2012 DottieLeatherwood
22" x 28" Oil on Canvas

I meant to post this yesterday.  However, my other life...the one as a mother..stepped in and took over my day.  It was actually a "make it a double" kind of day.  Nothing bad but just fast and furious all day long. But back to the painting...

This is one of a series of water paintings that I have been working on over the last month.  I am working from my memory of all the years spent at the beach and from a set of photos I took this summer.  I have had so much fun exploring the light patterns and the push and pull of the water with my paint.  Hope you enjoy seeing the results!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

At Attention ...SOLD

at attention
6" x 6" oil on board
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

I have been working on some larger paintings lately.  About 10 larger paintings to be exact.  I know, that seems a bit excessive but I use a lot of paint and there comes a point where I am smearing more than painting if I don't let a painting "set up" for a day or so.  I have put the finishing touches on a couple so I hope to have some larger works to post next week.  In the meantime, here is a little 6" x 6" rooster that would look perfect in a kitchen or propped up in a bookcase! It is up for auction on DailyPaintworks.com, just follow the "bid" link above.  Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

On Display....

I am happy to have two works accepted into the 24th Annual Coastal National Juried Exhibition in St. Simons Island, GA.

October Skies
12" x 24" Oil on Canvas

24" x 30" Oil on Canvas

The Opening Reception will be tomorrow night at the Glynn Art Association, in the heart of St. Simons Island from 5-7pm.  I would love to be there for the festivities but sometimes the obligations of motherhood in Charlotte, NC outweigh those of artist.  I will be going to dinner with friends tomorrow night so I will have my celebration with them!  "It's just great to be nominated" as they say :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Painting & Sorting in 2012....

old oak path
6" x 6" oil on panel
©2011 DottieLeatherwood

I am in the middle of sorting through some of my unsold work from last year.  Tossing some paintings that never quite got to where I wanted them to be and grouping others into gallery-ready  piles.  I have also pulled out some of the daily paintings and studies that I did last summer to put up for auction on the Daily Paintworks site.  If you aren't familiar with DailyPaintworks.com, it is a website with an auction format similar to ebay but it features only paintings & drawings.  It was started by painter Carol Marine and her husband David and is a wonderful site for original artwork by some very talented artists.  I have been a member for a while but have just been posting my paintings and haven't made a real effort to sell my work there.  That is one of my goals for this year.  I will be listing a couple of my small paintings each week so check it out!  

Monday, January 2, 2012

Oh, they tell me of an uncloudy day....

uncloudy day
16" x 20" oil on canvas
©2011 DottieLeatherwood
A little bit of water, a little bit of marsh and a whole lot of blue sky.  The landscape of a marsh is nothing but a series of horizontals, which I love, but to make the painting more interesting there needs to be a vertical element somewhere.  I used the layered yellows, greens and blues of the sky as my vertical element to bring your eye up through the painting.

And now a little story....  As I was painting this, a song kept running through my head.  When I was growing up, my dad (a very colorful character) would often sing loudly when he was in a good mood, much to my brother and my dismay.  The problem was his repertoire consisted of the refrain of only a handful of songs. So we got to hear the same ones over and over.  Needless to say, as children of the 70's we had never heard any of his favorites and were convinced that he had just made them up.  His number one go-to refrain was "Oh, they tell me of an uncloudy day". He wore that one out.  I will never forget the Sunday my brother and I, teenagers at the time,  were at my grandmother's little country church and as we stood up to sing....the preacher announced "please turn in your hymnal to  ..."Uncloudy Day".  We were stunned! It was a real song after all! Who knew? I have since grown to appreciate Willie Nelson's version of the song but I still think my dad sang the refrain best and with the most enthusiasm!   My dad died over 10 years ago but the sound of him singing still runs through my head several times a day. I like to think it's his way of reminding me that he's still around.