Thursday, January 12, 2012

heart of a shell ....SOLD

heart of a shell
6" x 6" oil on panel
©2012 DottieLeatherwood
Do you see the big picture here?  This painting is from one of my early morning walks on the beach this fall.  I was snapping pictures of everything and took a few pictures of the shells in the sand at my feet.  I liked the light in this one and the little depression of sand that this shell sat in.  I also wanted to see if I could capture this little scene with a limited range of color which is not my usual m.o.  I was happy with my efforts and took a picture of it yesterday to put here on my blog.  Only then did I notice that the depression in the sand was in the shape of a heart and that the shell itself was almost heart shaped.  I had spent all this time painting it but didn't see that at all!  Metaphor for everyday life I guess....getting all wrapped up in the details and failing to see the big picture! 

This shell painting is up for auction on, just follow the "bid" link above.  Have a great day and don't forget to see the big picture!

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