Thursday, January 19, 2012

No bling...

tied up
20" x 20" oil on canvas
©2012 DottieLeatherwood

Some boats are pretty...they are meant for sailing but they are meant for beauty, too. The lines, the angles, the way they slip through the water, everything about them is marvelous to behold.  And some boats are meant for work.  They are built to get the job done.  Strictly utilitarian in design. You still get the wonderful feel of cutting through the water but without the bling.  This little fishing boat is one of those.  I found it pulled up and tied at the edge of the marsh.  It had been well used but the patina was what I loved most about it. 
As I was painting it, I was reminded of my brother.  When we were teenagers, he got a boat.  Actually my dad told him he was going to buy him a boat.  I don't know exactly what sort of boat my brother was expecting but when my dad showed him the little aluminum fishing boat, I could tell that was not what he had in mind.  The look on his face told it all.  Poor guy.  He should have known what was coming because my dad was nothing but practical, just like this little boat!


Karen Bruson said...

Nice colors in the water.

Giselle McMenamin said...

Nice story! Love the wonderfully delicate palette Dottie.The composition is really good too with the cut off rope leading the boat. Gives it mystery.