Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My inner 12-year old.....

untitled sketch

Today was a "mandatory day-off"....notice I did not say vacation day. We are having some work done on our house and I had to sit here all day and watch it progress toward completion.  No studio time for me.  Why is it I can think of a thousand paintings I want to complete when I can't get to an easel but when I'm at the easel with the whole day in front of me I draw a blank ...literally and figuratively?  So today I made lists, more lists, did some computer chores and sketched out compositions for paintings.  Then I sat here and drew horses I did when I was 12.  Fairly productive I guess....although I would rather have been painting!

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mary maxam said...

sounds like a packed day to me!this is a lovely drawing and reminds me that I need to pull out that sketchbook more often! very nice modeling of the form.