Thursday, June 7, 2012

play me a melody...

play me a sweet melody
12" x 12" oil on panel
Not For Sale

Bittersweet.  This last week has combined celebration with an ever present lump in the back of my throat.  My oldest and only daughter graduates from high school on Monday. Happiness and hope are thrown together with all the memories of the last eighteen years. 

And this is Melody.  She is my daughter's favorite creature on the planet.  My daughter, Caelyn, was bitten by the same "horse bug" that bit me as a child.  She has been riding for years and lives for her time on the back of a horse.  Melody, is her favorite.  Melody is ornery and stubborn and prone to kick and buck.  She doesn't like to mind but she loves my daughter and my girl loves her.  Maybe it's the challenge they both like or just mutual respect.  Melody doesn't know Caelyn will be leaving her soon. She goes about her time thinking the brush and saddle and treats will never end. But Caelyn knows it.  And the "missing" is already evident every time she heads out to ride or mentions Melody's name.  It's strong stuff the love that a girl has for a horse.

Endings and new beginnings. We all have them. Caelyn has an exciting road ahead of her.  She's hopeful and happy and ready to go.  But the happiness  is tinged with the bittersweet love for a horse and everything else that she leaves behind her from her life as it has always been. Melody and I are really gonna miss our girl.


Kathy Collins said...

Just a beautiful post for a beautiful daughter!

Jerry Stocks said...

Lovely story and beautiful painting. My granddaughter has just graduated from Ga. Tech and fortunately has landed a high paying job in Atlanta. Her first purchase is going to be a horse since she has been without one for four years. Tell Caelyn, the best is yet to come in many ways.

suzannepaints said...

Oh, my goodness. I love the graduate's picture with her horse. My daughter loved her horse. What a wonderful time in life for your girl. Best wishes!

suzannepaints said...

Great painting, too, by the way.

mary maxam said...

What a wonderful painting and post! Your daughter's a beauty and looks so much like you!
I love the deep sienna tones in this painting.Hope all your celebrations were excellent :)