Wednesday, August 22, 2012

wave study....SOLD

wave study
5" x 7" oil on panel

I am back on my wave kick.  I guess a week staring at the ocean will do that to an artist.  I have been working on some thumbnails and color studies, of which this is the first one.  This little study is based on one of my early morning walks.  You can just see the pink of the rising sun peeking over the horizon line and illuminating bits of the foam here and there.  I am in the process of painting a much larger version of this now.  Such fun!!


mary maxam said...

The warm and cool blues here are ver lovely with the creamy whites- nice movement too.

June said...

Absolutely beautiful painting, Dottie. And it contains three of my favourite things - shades of blues, shades of purples, and the ocean. I love it. It's calming and dreamy and makes me smile. Thanks for painting this, and for sharing it with us today. June

Heather said...

I love your waves!!!