Thursday, November 29, 2012

tree shopping...

tree shopping
14" x 18" oil on canvas
$420 unframed

This is the painting I used on my Christmas cards this year.  I saw this old truck sitting by the side of the road back in October and it just screamed  Christmas card:)  Don't you think?  

Last week in November! I just can't believe it! Do you make a list of goals every year?  I started doing this last year and I have a few things on my "2012 Goals" list that I have a month to get done!! One of those was Twitter.  So I set up my twitter account this morning and I am proud to say I have one follower! :)  But I have tweeted twice.  Off to a great start!  If you are on twitter and would like to follow me (please do!!)click here:   @dtlArt

I am also setting up a page on my website with special pricing on my studies and small paintings (perfect for Christmas presents!). It will debut on December 1st and run until December 17th. Don't forget to check it out!!

I am co-hosting my last AHA blogtalk radio show show today and we are interviewing Hedi Moran... I can't wait to talk to her.  She is one of my favorites!  Thanks again, to my friend Leslie Saeta for asking me to co-host again.  I have really enjoyed it!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Back to the Blog... SOLD

I'm baaaaaack....  to my blog that is.  I haven't posted in a month!  That is the longest break I have taken since I started this blog.  I have had an incredibly busy, over-scheduled October and November.  I kept up with my blog throughout the month of October but just couldn't get it done this month.  I have continued to paint, in fact, I have been very productive but I have run straight from easel to other obligations with barely a chance to catch my breath.  The pace has gotten to me.  I can honestly say I am exhausted!  "Bone tired" as my dad used to say.  As November winds down this week, I am trying to take stock and find a little balance in my life.... at least go at a slower pace for the month of December.  Wish me luck!

eye of a sunflower
12" x 12" oil on canvas