Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"all about the light"

all about the light
24" x 24" oil on canvas

I know, I know... another streetscape.  You would think they would be out of my system by now but after painting small ones for a month, I was itching do try them on a larger scale with more room to play around with paint and brushstrokes.  The title for this one comes from my friend and mentor, Andy Braitman, who said the subject of this painting was "all about the light" and he's right.... it is!  

It has been 4 days since I have posted!  Have you missed me? Don't answer that! I know, hearing from me everyday is a bit much.  It doesn't leave much room for other things.  I have been thinking a lot about that over the last week. Balance.  I have worked so hard over the last year that I have lost some of that in my life.   When I have obstacles in my path my natural inclination is to work harder to overcome them, not stop and figure out why they are there.  I am very competitive, especially with myself and have always thought that the harder I worked, the faster I could get where I wanted to be.  Kind of like forcing fate to do what I want.  I have realized (although much slower that anyone else would have!) that I need to quit trying to make things happen and let them happen instead.  Not the way I am wired but I am going to try.  Sorry for all of the rambling here but I wanted to get those thoughts out of my head and down on the screen so that I could move on and also to hold myself accountable!  I will still paint everyday but I am going to not push so hard.  At least not as hard as I have been pushing.  I don't want to miss anything along the way trying to get to the next big thing.  After all, life is "all about the light".

Have a wonderful day and thanks for listening!


Bennett Hock said...

Lovely larger journey to take us on!

hmuxo said...

I love your streetscapes, Dottie...I can never get tired of them...LOVE the color and light..