Friday, March 22, 2013

"lost in a daydream"

"lost in a daydream"
24" x 24" oil on linen

It looks like spring outside today, even if it doesn't feel like it.  It is still too cold for my taste but I will take the sunshine and blue sky!   This is actually a much bigger painting of a 6"x 6" painting I did last year.  I loved the image but wanted to paint it larger to play around with the color and brushstrokes a little more. I am happy that spring is more than just a daydream now!   Have a lovely weekend!


Stephanie Berry said...

Gorgeous bouquet of color! I bet this is amazing in person. Be thankful Dottie you don't live in Maine. There's still snow on the ground and not much sun.

hmuxo said...

Absolutely beautiful, Dottie! Painted loosely and love the light!!
It's still grey in New York!!...looking forward to the warmth!