Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"one june morning" .....

one june morning
6" x 12" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I am easing back into painting this week (I have rotator cuff tendinitis)  and tried this seascape on a much smaller scale.  I find it so much harder to paint small.  I guess simplifying is not my strong suit.  I wanted this painting to read like a larger painting but not have more detail than it could handle. I think I struck a happy medium although I probably should've chosen a simpler composition to paint..... maybe one big wave instead of the roll and tumble of many smaller ones. But hey, what's the challenge of that?! :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"beau" ...

I had an impulse to paint a cow a couple of weeks ago.  I love to paint animals and don't indulge myself as often as I would like.  I wanted to paint big and loose and with lots of color.  This was actually my last big painting before the pain in my shoulder made me put down my brush and take a break. But that's another story!
Back to cows..... actually this is a calf and he's a bull not a cow. Aren't you glad I got that all straight? :) I thought I would post the stages of the painting on this blog post, so you can see how I start and what happens along the way.  (I was so proud of myself for remembering to take pictures!)

Stage 1: sketching the basic shapes.  I just want enough so that I have all the basic lines in marking the features.  I chose not to tone my canvas with this painting.  Sometimes I do.  I wanted to work off of the bright white of the gesso in this case.

Stage 2:  Laying in the color. I'm not concerned with the final color scheme right now, just laying in the lights and darks and trying to get a feel for it.  I use all transparent paint at this stage.

Stage 3:  Adding more color and starting to make some color decisions.  I start to put in some opaque color here and not just the transparents.  Still really loose.  This is my favorite part!

Stage 4:  Refining color and shapes in the calf and laying in the background color.  Still really loose strokes and sketchy features.

Stage 5:  At this point I am really starting to paint the calf.  Refining features but I still want a loose feel to this painting.  I want to do just enough so you get the idea but not over work it.  I do a lot of stepping back to make sure I am on track.  I notice here that the left eye is kind of wonky so I fix that and also make sure my lights and darks are still right.

Finished!  You can see that I corrected the eye and the left side of his face.  I loosened up some of the really opaque areas and refined a lot of my hard edges.  I love the way he turned out.  Soft and sweet. 

30" x 24" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Thursday, June 6, 2013

"yin and yang"...

Can you stand another oyster shell painting this week? :)  A little bigger this time.  These have been a wonderful change of pace for me.  Although they have the main ideas that I look for in any painting....color, light and pattern.  Oh, and memories.  That always plays a part in my paintings.... a connection to the past, a place or a feeling.  But then again, isn't that what the sweet part of  life is made up of?  Ya'll have a wonderful weekend!

yin and yang
24" x 24" oil on gallery wrap canvas

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


16" x 12" oil on gallery wrap canvas

So here is the second painting in my series of oyster shells.  I am digging the color palette on these....not my usual intense colors.  I am finding that playing with the grays requires a little more thought.  Here is a picture of both of the canvases side-by-side:

Monday, June 3, 2013


I am still painting commissions and preparing for a group show in October, so I haven't had any new work that I could post lately.  However, this weekend I took a break and painted several paintings just for a change of pace.  I collected some sun-bleached oyster shells on a recent trip to the beach and have been wanting to paint a series of shells using them.  I just love the creamy tones and patterns on both the inside and outside of the shells.  Here is the first one I painted:
16" x 12" oil on gallery wrap canvas

In other news, Georgia (our guide-dog puppy) now has her own pool to play in. Pink, of course since she is a girly-girl.  She loves to help fill it up and then dive for toys in it.  Her favorite thing though, is to plunge into the pool after a walk.  She has not learned to appreciate our hot southern weather yet!