Friday, July 12, 2013


"memorial over the marsh"
8" x 16" oil on panel

Summer has had its way with my blogging.  I have been painting, in fact, my subject matter is all over the place.  From paintings for upcoming shows, to commissions, to plein air .... I have been working hard.  But my summer schedule is more relaxed.  I have the luxury of sleeping in if I want or going out to the studio before it's light to work on a painting that I've been dreaming about.  
I spent a week on the Georgia coast recently and had the most wonderful time painting at sunrise and spending the rest of the day memorizing my surroundings with my camera.  I could have gone on indefinitely with that schedule!! I am now back home for a few weeks trying to wrap up some work and digesting all the wonderful scenery I found myself in.  As usual, I have more ideas than time to paint them.  It gets my brain in such a frenzied state!! As if my brain needs that!  
The above painting, is of a scene I feel like I have been passing all of my life.  There is a piece of driftwood in the marsh with an American Flag flying from it. It's on the road to the beach where I grew up.  I'm not sure when someone put it there, just seems like it has always been there.  You know, one of those markers that sends the signal to your soul that you are home.  
Below are a few of the plein air paintings I did early in the morning.  Just little rough color sketches of my surroundings. Some I may turn into larger more developed paintings, some will just remain on my studio wall for me to enjoy. They take me back. Just looking at them, I can almost smell the salt air..... 

 2013 plein air studies
Not For Sale