Wednesday, August 28, 2013


I've painted and I've scraped, painted and scraped some more these last two days. UGH!  My schedule has been a bit chaotic, full of meetings and appointments and I've been trying to fit in painting time (unsuccessfully!) in the middle of it all.
I've discovered that I am more a creature of habit than I had thought.  I prefer to paint in blocks of time and first thing in the morning.  An hour here or there is not my cup of tea.  Sometimes I can pull off a successful painting but I'm more likely to rush one along because the time is ticking away.  

So this morning before my meeting, I decided to sketch instead.  I've been thinking about ideas for my upcoming "30 Days Hath September" series (a painting for every day in September). I thought I would put pen to paper and sketch out some ideas. Very productive and very relaxing way to start my day.  And I can head to my meeting this morning feeling like I accomplished something instead of wasting time.  The best part.....NO SCRAPING!  However, when I get into the studio later today, I have an nice pile of lovely neutral gray paint to use :)

If you haven't had a chance to check out my summer newsletter and see what I have been up to, here is the link:  Summer Newsletter


Sandra Busby said...

I absolutely love looking at sketches! It's one of my favourite things to do... Even more so than paintings! These are so lively and you are right - you still had a productive morning. Fabulous! :0)

Niharika said...

What a nice idea!
I've thinking and getting all stressed out about this challenge, its sooooo hard to pick out the right pictures.
But isn't it always!

I'm gonna sketch them out to ease out the pressure...thankyou