Monday, September 30, 2013

"bird's eye view" ...30 Days Hath September

Last day!!! I can't believe it!  It has been quite a month and I am happy to have persevered through school schedules, baseball games, trips out of town, upcoming show name it!  Looking back,  my collection looks a little ADD.  I painted florals and cows, streetcars and cityscapes and everything in between! Not to mention the variation in sizes from a 6"x6" to a 24"x36".  My shoulder held up well to all the painting and that's good news too!  It's been fun but I am glad for the break!

Here's the last painting I will leave you with.  It is a view of part of the Charlotte skyline from the 46th floor of a high rise apartment building, The Vue, in which I was lucky enough to hang some of my paintings this month.  Here's to October...may it be as productive as September! Cheers! And thanks so much for hanging with me this past month.  Your support, likes and comments mean more than you know!!

bird's eye view
18" x 24" oil on canvas


martinealison said...


Un challenge bien mené... Je comprends que cela ait été de la pression...
Cette dernière peinture est particulièrement belle. J'aime la profondeur avec l'horizon que vous avez su parfaitement apporter.
Une belle harmonie de couleurs.

Gros bisous

DMannion said...

Really like this city-scape, Dottie. And aren't you glad the 30/30 is over?
And bet you can't wait until Leslie's next challenge in January!
Bravo to you!

hmuxo said...

An excellent ending, Dottie! this is really beautiful. I hope you do more City-scape do them SO well!