Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"fresh flowers on a tuesday" ...30 Days Hath September

So as I was walking up the stairs to my studio yesterday, I glanced out the window and saw one of my climbing roses had managed to outgrow the weeds in my flowerbed and was blooming.  It is one of my favorite roses... this delicious bright coral.  So I immediately lost my focus and went back downstairs to cut some blooms.  Those blooms led to a couple of other roses, which led to some blooms off of another vine and then I passed a hydrangea on the way inside to get a vase....and an bouquet was born.  I brought the flowers up to my studio to enjoy while I painted and after a few hours I decided that the flowers were so fresh and pretty sitting in the window that I needed to paint them. A painting borne of distraction. I think they make medication for this :)
fresh flowers on a tuesday
12" x 12" oil on gallery wrapped canvas


hmuxo said...

A gorgeous floral, Dottie!!!! Love all the beautiful colors....

Lori Quarton said...

Very pretty! Love hearing from you on Blog Talk Radio!