Saturday, September 28, 2013

"holding steady" .....30 Days Hath September

Only a couple more days to go, and the 30 Days is over. I think I am ready for a break!  This last week has been challenging to produce a painting everyday because of all of the "non-artist" hats I wear!  I am officially tired!!  

This is a painting of a sea wall and dock in Monterey, CA.  I just LOVE all of the texture and movement and color in this scene.  I have been wanting to paint it for months.  I think its done, although I may have to go back in and add some highlights in a couple of days.  I'll have to see how it dries.

holding steady
18" x 24" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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hmuxo said...

The water is painted beautifully, Dottie! Wonderful colors...You're almost there!