Thursday, September 5, 2013

"older and wiser" ....30 Days Hath September

Day 5!  I took a  San Francisco and Monterey this spring with my husband.  Actually, it was his golf trip but I tagged along.  It was almost like being on vacation by myself.  I met him for dinner each night but other than that I had six days to explore on my own.  I had the best time! I took thousands of pictures which I usually do on vacation but this time I brought watercolors and a sketch book and stopped to paint on my explorations. I came back home with lots of sketches and lots of ideas but haven't had much time to work on them.  I thought I would take the opportunity to paint a few this month. 

This painting is of one of the boats I took time to sit down and sketch in San Francisco.  It's an old one and has seen much better days but I thought it had so much more personality than the others.  And those reflections in the water....LOVE!!

older and wiser
12" x 9" oil on canvas

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Marilyn Harman said...

Dottie, this is beautiful! You're right, the reflections are glorious!