Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"walking into the light" at Sozo Gallery

I am so very excited to now be represented locally in Charlotte by Sozo Gallery. It is such a cool space in uptown Charlotte. I will be showing my cityscapes and little vignettes of life there. I have been wanting to focus more on my cityscapes but haven't had a venue to do it in so this is absolutely perfect! I have been a rabid photographer in uptown Charlotte lately and am getting quite good at taking pictures while driving. Just kidding! Only at stop lights :). No really, I am mostly on foot while I am shooting but having my camera with me in the jeep when I see something is invaluable. I haven't had time to take my easel uptown yet to paint but that's on the calendar for later this month. Ideas and plans are just whirling around in my brain. :)

Opening night will be this Thursday from 5:30 - 9:00. Sozo Gallery is at 214 North Tryon Street in the Hearst Tower. I hope that if you are local to Charlotte or the surrounding area, you will join me tomorrow night! Or if you find yourself uptown sometime, please check out the gallery! Here is one of the "slice of life" moments that will be in the show. The title of this painting says it all, I truly feel that I am "walking into the light" with this opportunity!

walking into the light
16" x 8" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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hmuxo said...

The best of luck with your work displayed in the Sozo Gallery... I would love to visit!! This painting is absolutely the way you painted his pants and yes, the perfect title!!