Saturday, January 11, 2014

"abandoned edges"

Sometimes a painting is done sooner than you think.  I took a step back from this one and just knew it needed a couple more brushstrokes.  And no more.  If I had kept going, I would have ruined the freshness of it.  I do that too much.... keep painting adding just one more brushstroke, defining one more area and then I lose it and have to scrape the whole painting down to the canvas.  I am really happy with this one and hope you like it as well!

abandoned edges
20" x 16" oil on gallery wrap canvas

Here is the photo I worked from:


Carroll Michalek said...

Thank you for including the reference photo, your thumbnail just caught my eye right away and it is so fun to see from whence it came. Your interpretation is inspirational.

Bhavani said...

Beautiful work! This is my favorite.