Wednesday, January 8, 2014

"brilliant backdrop"

We are eight days in!  This is my biggest painting so far.  Although I have to confess, I started this painting on a canvas that I had already painted on.  I started a different painting several weeks ago and just could not make it work.  The idea was great but the composition wasn't working out and I just couldn't figure out why.  This happens.  And when it does, I have learned to put the canvas aside and come back to it after a week or so has passed.  Sometimes, I get a flash of insight and put it back on the easel to finish it and sometimes I scrap the idea, turn the canvas sideways or upside down and begin a new painting over it.  This was a case of the latter.

I loved this photograph as soon as I saw it.  It had everything... pattern, strong darks and bright lights. a little bit of snow and the composition really pulled me in.  Don't you want to just climb into that cab and ride off into the sunset?
"brilliant backdrop"
30" x 24" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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Here is the donated photo I painted from:


sue gardner said...

This is deluxe!!! Beautiful colours, I love it! I painted over a biggie as well today but it defeated me and Ive let it 'marinate' till tomorrow now, instead I have posted one in my usual tiny size :) Yours is a real feel-good piece!

Celene Farris said...

Nice painting, full of excitement. Thanks for sharing.

Bhavani said...

Love your city scenes. This one is a favorite