Wednesday, January 15, 2014

"cardinal red"

"cardinal red"
20" x 16" oil on canvas

I like painting rainy days better than I like being in one.  Loved the reflections and all the bright pops of color against the grays.  And the woman's headscarf.  Reminds me of the one my grandmother would always pull out of her purse to cover her hair.  She always had an extra one to offer me but I was too mortified to put it on!  I'd wear it now just to make her happy.

Interesting story about the name on this one.  I laid in the darks and was just starting on it when the vegetable  delivery guy showed up with my box of goodies for the week.  I went inside my home and put everything away and came back to my studio about 10 minutes later.  As I got to the top of the stairs, what do I see but a bird perched on my canvas.  Another 10 minutes of chasing the bird out of my studio ensued before I got back to painting. :)  Got to remember to shut the door when I leave.

Here's the donated photo I used:

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hmuxo said...

Wonderful painting!!! perfect reference picture..