Sunday, January 12, 2014


Went in a totally different direction today.  A friend sent me some great photos of people in New York.  I've been working on putting more people (and cars) in my landscapes. This picture of a couple in Central Park caught my eye.  I loved the lighting and the challenge of the tangle of arms and legs.

 I started out including all of the landscape elements in this painting but as I kept painting I realized that the focus was the couple and nothing else was important so I scraped everything else out. Although the bright light was one of the things that drew me to the photo, I chose to soften it.  I just wanted a soft glow.  And the hair.  These two have the best hair!  I scraped off that area several times and then just ended up laying it in very loosely.   I always did love a guy with long hair.....(funny that I am married to a man with no hair!)

8" x 10" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Here is the photo that I worked from:

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hmuxo said...

You definitely caught the "moment", Dottie! This is beautiful with wonderful brush work...I also loved "Abandoned edges...excellent piece.