Sunday, January 26, 2014

"untitled study"

"untitled study"
9" x 12" oil on canvas
Not For Sale

Another quick study for a larger painting.  Although this one should be titled "ghost town" because there are no cars, people or signs of life.  I was playing around with a very limited palette in this one but I think it is a bit too limited to get my idea across.  I want to add more of that french blue that is on the building left and the values need to change more.  The street needs to be noticeably different than the buildings.  It is actually darker in the painting but just doesn't translate in the photo. Also my buildings are too equal in width.  Lots of adjustments to make!

That is the good thing about a study.... you can solve your problems much earlier.  I am trying to get in a habit of doing these more often before I launch into a big complicated painting.

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hmuxo said...

Excellent painting, Dottie.. I love the light peeking through!! The limited palette was perfect for this piece.