Monday, July 28, 2014

"life flashing by"

life flashing by
20" x 24" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

I took several pictures from the window of our car on a trip months ago.  The light on the trees and grass flashing by my window was just gorgeous.... that last golden light of the day.  Ordinary straggly pine trees, saplings and overgrown weeds on the side of the highway made glorious by light. All of it flashing by so quickly.  Just a glimpse of gold, red and green with the deep blue twilight sky peeking through.  Then left behind and just a memory.

I have been reminded this summer just how quickly life flashes by.  Moments are here and then they are gone.  Life changes so quickly. We think that our life is all about the big things, the important moments...but really it's not.  It's composed of the little things, sometimes small and seemingly insignificant, that just for a second are lit so brilliantly that it takes your breath away and then gone forever.

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hmuxo said...

We certainly see art everywhere!
This is wonderful, caught the light nicely... yes, time goes by too quickly!! Yesterday I had two little, they're grown up with their own children!! Let's stop and enjoy what we have today.