Monday, September 15, 2014

September Sojourn: Day 15

As I told you last Wednesday, I have been in the north Georgia mountains plein air painting.  What a wonderful long weekend! I had so much fun, learned a ton and got to spend time with old friends and meet new ones.  I also got to study for two days with one of my favorite artists, Jim Richards. He is such a wealth of knowledge and such a nice guy.

Here are some highlights of the week along with today's painting.....

These are two of the paintings I did in Jim's workshop on Thursday & Friday... Special thanks to artist Marsha Savage for letting us paint at her wonderful place on the Oconee River on Saturday.

 "clinging vine"

"oconee river"

Saturday & Sunday, we were on our own to paint and I got to paint at the beautiful Noontootla Farms (which is where today's painting comes from).  But a funny story first.  There are always challenges when you are outside painting.  Sometimes it's the weather, sometimes it's what you forgot to bring, people talking to you, all kinds of different things.  This trip it was the gnats.  I cannot even describe to you how unbelievable the swarms of gnats were on Saturday.  The biting kind.  One of my paintings was covered in hundreds of gnats in about a 60 second period.  Guess what happens when a gnat lands on oil paint?  Yep, he sticks.  Here is about a two inch section of a painting:
I felt like I was on Survivor:Plein Air.  I was determined not to let them chase me off but by Saturday afternoon when the gnats were landing faster than I could scrape them off, I realized I had been beaten.  Here is one painting I managed to salvage:

fields of goldenrod
10" x 8" oil on panel - plein air study

The painting below (and another one that I forgot to photograph) is hanging at the Blue Ridge Arts Association in their Plein Air Exhibition until the middle of October.  Thanks to my wonderful friend and artist Connie Gaertner for hosting us at her gorgeous mountain house all weekend.

"foggy mountain morning"

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Sandra Busby said...

What a gorgeous selection of paintings! I love the Oconee River - looks like I could dive right in! Those gnats must have been a nightmare. Hats off to you for putting up with it for so long! Next time, take one of those outdoor insect repellent candles with you. That might help :0)