Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Sojourn: Day 24

Ok.  Enough with the rain already.  It is not spring, it is FALL.  I need a sunny day.  If not to paint then just for my mental health! :)

More gloom today, more rain and I am tired of painting in it.  Actually,  I wouldn't mind painting in the rain if I was in a more exotic locale. Definitely eliminates the need to find a spot of shade to put my easel in.  I did a study of a tree today.  Here is an "in progress" shot.  At this stage, I have blocked in the darks and am just starting to add some variation in the greens.  It is really a challenge to end up with the colors that I want in this gloomy light.

You can see in the finished painting below, I used artist's license to brighten up things a bit.  A girl can dream of better weather...

"lean and substantial"
8" x 6" oil on panel

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