Monday, September 29, 2014

September Sojourn: Day 29

Guess what?  It is raining today.  AGAIN.  Here was my plein air set up for Day 29:

Yep, in my jeep.  It wasn't too bad.  I did stay dry but it was pretty cramped.  And there was no backing up to assess my painting.  My main objective, other than keeping paint off of the inside of my car, was to try and capture the grays in the sky and the feeling of the rain.  At first glance the sky seemed a wall of gray but just as I have discovered throughout this month of painting, the longer I painted and looked at the clouds, the more colors I saw.  If I could have stayed longer, I would have loved to have painted another one of just the sky. Such nuance in the colors of the clouds passing over!

Last day of the challenge is tomorrow! Stay tuned....I have no idea what I am going to paint but it's supposed to be sunny so I am thrilled about that!

NOTE:  I will keep the special pricing on these paintings up through October 15th and then the prices will revert to my regular ones, so if there is a painting you are interested in, get it soon!

6" x 8" oil on panel

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martinealison said...


Vous êtes très courageuse de peindre dans un "atelier" aussi étroit que celui de votre voiture !! mais vous n'aviez pas tellement le choix !!

Une très jolie toile...
Gros bisous ♡