Thursday, October 30, 2014

"a spot for two"

I drove to Charleston, SC yesterday to deliver a new series of paintings to Atelier Gallery.  Actually two new series..more about the second series in the next post.  But I took some progress shots of one of the new paintings I delivered and I thought I would post them so you can see some of the stages of the way I paint. I usually get so involved in painting I forget to take photos...and I did that this time too but you will get the idea.

Here is the start:

I paint alla prima.... which means "in one sitting".  So I usually start and finish in one day. Sometimes, though, I will do this first part of the block in the day before and resume the painting the following day.  Often I do this so that I can have several paintings going at once.

Here you can see I have started adding the middle value colors to the darks.  I may revise this many times to get the right value and the right color.  I am trying different things to see what I like best.  But you can see my shapes are becoming more solid.

More color. Still playing around to see what combinations I like best.  I add in the sky and water so I can get an idea of how all of my color relates to each other. No details yet.  Just still big blocky shapes. Here is where I got so involved in my painting I forgot to take any more progress shots.  This is when I lose track of time and just get into the zone of painting.  And that is the most wonderful thing in the world. :)

Here is the finished painting.  Don't you love the way those two boats are snuggled up together!

"a spot for two"
18" x 36" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

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Marion said...

I love your drips at the bottom! I have also enjoyed listening to your contributions on the AHA show.