Monday, October 27, 2014

Traveling Paints....

Excuse the brief hiatus in posting but I have been traveling :) .  I spent last week in Ventura, CA with several artist friends eating, painting, talking, strategizing, and drinking wine. (Oh, and lest I forget the darts....we played some intensely competitive games of darts.)

My dear friend Leslie Saeta invited me, Carol Marine, Debra Huse and Margaret Sheldon to come and stay a week with her at her beach house.  It was such a wonderful, energizing trip on so many different levels.  They have all been painting and selling longer than I have so the wisdom shared and the time spent with them was priceless for me.  I just truly can't put into words how meaningful the week was for me and how much I needed it.

Sometimes as an artist you feel like you are on a boat out in the ocean all by yourself.  There is no clear cut path to follow and while that can be a good thing, sometimes it is overwhelming and uncertain.  The camaraderie and ties to other artists are so essential in keeping you from drifting too far into yourself and just simply fills your tank and keeps you going.  I have so many artist friends that I just could not do without.  They are truly my anchors in this crazy business. I am a lucky girl!

A plein air painting I did one morning at sunrise looking down the beach at the houses and hotels glowing in that gorgeous early golden light.  And below is one of the many fantastic sunsets we were treated to each day. Life is good.

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