Monday, November 3, 2014

"the living is easy" & "there is a summer place"

I started a new series of beach paintings last month.  I wanted to focus on the figure in the landscape in an almost abstracted manner.
18" x 36" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Pieces, Parts, and Shapes that in your mind create a person.  When you look at each of these paintings, your brain makes the random marks into people.  As I blocked the paintings in, I focused only on shape and color not on what each shape represented.

Here is the initial block in of "there is a summer place"

As you can see above, the shapes are all connected.  Then I start putting in lights and darks all over the canvas.  I pulled a little more detail out in some of the shapes and made those figures more complete but the remainder of the figures are just suggested.  It is continually amazes me how realistic some of these figures appear to be but how abstract they appear when you are close to the painting. And how your mind takes a stroke of paint and converts it into a face or an arm or leg when there truly was no intention when I  put that paint down on the canvas.

Here is a detail in part of the painting "the living is easy" below:

And here is the complete painting:
24" x 30" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

 These are such fun to do. Not to mention that the umbrellas are such fun to paint!  I also like the sort of "retro" feel that these paintings have too.  This series of work is found at the beautiful Atelier Gallery in Charleston, SC.  It is wonderful to be represented by a gallery that encourages experimentation and new work. So please check out my work on their website!  The Atelier Gallery

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