Saturday, January 24, 2015

"for the love of barbecue" ...Day 24

You can't wax poetic about the south without talking about barbecue.  Impossible.  And on my side of the world, it's pork not beef.  And we always had it with a stack of white loaf bread, no buns.  People in the south will almost come to blows, arguing about what barbecue sauce is the best.  Ours was ketchup based but with a big vinegar and mustard zing to it.  Very tangy.  We ate a LOT of it growing up because my dad loved it.  He would even push for it for holiday Christmas.  Didn't get far with that, though we did have it on Christmas Eve a number of times.  Compromise, I suppose.

When I was a kid, he even went so far as to build his own smoker out of an old boiler from the dry cleaners.  I don't know if you can imagine what I am talking about but it is a big piece of the size of a small car. He welded and made racks for it, put it on a trailer and drove it to our house and parked it in the driveway the front yard! That lasted about a day.  My mom was horrified.  He could never understand what the big deal was but he hauled it back to the laundry, which is where it stayed.  One more funny story, when he retired and built his home in the country, he wanted to build this raised pit to smoke meat in.  My dad never did anything in a small way so this thing was huge. He was working on it one day and fell in and couldn't get out.  It was several hours before someone just happened to stop by and heard him yelling and helped get him out.  He of course was sure that was where he was going to die.  That pit never got finished.

The sauce that is in this painting is a sauce from a restaurant, Johnny Harris, in my hometown of Savannah.  Although they serve many things other than barbecue, it is a place that is very special to my family since the 1930's.  My grandparents went every Saturday night with their friends to dance to big band music and years later when all the grandkids came along would take us too.  I could write a whole post about the memories in that place but I'll save it for another day.  Their barbecue is good but the memories make it great.  Food is like that.

for the love of barbecue
8" x 8"  oil on canvas panel

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AK said...

This is a fabulous post with all the memories attached to it. Love the colors and it looks yum too.