Friday, January 16, 2015

"life is sweet" ....Day 16

Friday!! Time to celebrate getting through another week.  My high schoolers had final exams this week.  So we are all glad to get those over with.  Made me start thinking about my school days (shudder).  One of my favorite after school snacks growing up was a root beer float.  I used to LOVE root beer.  Which is actually kind of interesting, because root beer originally came from the root & bark of the sassafras tree and, get this.... my dad's nickname for me was "sassafras".  Kind of cool, huh?!  It was meant to be.

I don't have root beer floats much anymore.  Sadly, I cannot eat dairy, so ice cream is out of the question for me.  I've tried making them with soy milk ice cream but it is just not the same.  Some things you just can't replace.

I did find this yummy sounding "grown-up" root beer float recipe in Garden & Gun so I'm leaving you with the link in case you would like to indulge in a sweet weekend celebration of your own!
 Garden & Gun's Root Beer Float

life is sweet
12" x 6" oil on linen panel