Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"longing for spring" ...Day 21

69 Degrees.  That was the temperature yesterday.  Sunshine and 69.  Top was down on my jeep and I dreamed it was spring.  And spring at my house means baseball.

I love baseball.  It's a good thing too because I spend a lot of time traveling to/from and watching my son play in game after game.  I've got years of it behind me and hopefully still a few years in front of me.  Sitting on bleachers at a game on a warm spring evening with the sun sinking low on the horizon... it seems like everything is right with the world.

We are all big Braves fans in my house too.  Growing up in Georgia, it was hard not to be (even though they were terrible when I was growing up).  It's a topic of conversation at my house year round... who got traded and why, who is looking good early in the season, just how deep is the bullpen and then when playing gets going how many games up or back are we.  Baseball is so much more than a bat and a ball, it's something to rally around, a way to make a connection with someone else.  Whether we love the same team or not, it's something we can have a conversation about.  And that's as important today as it was a hundred years ago.  Maybe more.

"longing for spring"
6" x12" oil on linen panel

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