Thursday, January 22, 2015

"roadside treat" ...Day 22

I started to title this painting "I stop for boiled peanuts" but I thought it was a bit too long.  I know I am losing some of you with boiled peanuts.  Those of you that have not come over to the dark side.  The side where one handful is never ever enough.  The side where you look for the juiciest, softest one and aren't ashamed to let anyone see you suck that salty juice out of the peanut shell before you bite the shell and eat the peanut.   The side where you finally know how a peanut was meant to be eaten....BOILED.

I can't remember a time when we didn't have boiled peanuts.  Sure, I have always eaten them roasted or as we grew up saying "parched".  But boiled was better.  When peanuts were harvested, we would get a big bag of raw peanuts and my mom or dad would boil them.  So good.  After I was grown, every time I went back to visit my dad he would have a pot of hot boiled peanuts for me. :)

 It takes a while to cook them and even though I have fixed them a few times, I have to admit that now I buy my boiled peanuts from the roadside stands.  They do all the hard work and I just get to enjoy the goodness.  My favorite part of summer is sitting on the beach with a cold beer and a bag of boiled peanuts watching the waves.

"roadside treat"
8" x 8" oil on canvas panel

For a great essay on the power of boiled peanuts by one of my favorite southern personalities, Roy Blount, Jr  CLICK HERE .  And by the way, that was a real stop sign that I used for my prop and the ladle is the same one that my dad used.  I am working hard for you people :)
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Sandy Sandy said...

Oh Dottie! I love boiled peanuts and every time I go down south, I look for those signs. I have acquired them in some of the most bazaar and unique places I have ever been to. I so wish for a big bag of them right now!

Wouldn't it be wonderful if all us artists lived in one big happy town where we could just walk down the street to take one another's class or give each other hands on inspiration. Love your posts and all your 30 in 30 paintings!