Saturday, January 3, 2015

"saturday afternoon essentials" ...Day 3

What is the south without football?  I think it is woven into the very fiber of our souls growing up.  At least mine anyway.   From Friday nights watching high school football, to Saturday afternoons cheering on my beloved Georgia Bulldogs to memories of my dad on a Sunday afternoon dozing off in front of the television while the Atlanta Falcons lost yet another game, it has always been part of my life.   My grandmother used to worry about her blood pressure going up because she would get so worked up over a game and now my mother does the same thing.  Even if you never watched it, you still had a team you were loyal to and would argue over.

From the food and drinks shared while tailgating to the conversations and laughter shared before and after each game, football was and still is such a big part of life.  It brings with it a warmth and familiarity that eases my sadness and gives me something to look forward to every year when summer comes to a close.   I think that is part of the reason I hate the month of February so more football!   I wanted those warm feelings to come across in this little painting.

I love this well worn football that has seen more than its share of backyard catches. It has lost its pebbly surface and feels almost like velvet.   The clay bulldog is made of Mississippi mud and is a treasured piece of mine from a cousin (another football fan of course :)).  And the beer, well....what is football without a cold beer wrapped in your favorite teams coozie?!

"saturday afternoon essentials"
8" x 8" oil on panel

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Jerry Stocks said...

Amen to all you have said. I grew up on New Year's Day having three television sets playing showing various Bowl Games. Lovely painting.