Friday, January 9, 2015

"well accessorized" ... Day 9

Bit of a change today.... drinks instead of eats.  It is Friday after all. Time to celebrate. We made it through the week!

But not just any drink.  A bright, festive and heavily accessorized drink.  It almost looks like it should have a pedigree :) . And one of my favorites.  I remember the first time I saw anyone have a Bloody Mary.  I was probably 6 or 7 and saw my grandmother have one.  At the time I just remember thinking what a great, almost dangerous name for a drink, and being impressed with the celery and olives that garnished it.  And my grandmother was cool so I thought it must be a cool cocktail too.

But mostly Bloody Mary's remind me of football games.  Tailgating before football games, specifically.  When I was in college and for years afterwards, before every home football game we (my then boyfriend, now husband and I)  headed over to tailgate with the sweet parents of a good friend of ours.   His parents were the epitome of southern hospitality.  She was gracious and polished and his dad was a true southern gentleman.  We would eat and talk and his dad would always make me a Bloody Mary while I was there.  And then he would make me another one, much stronger than the first, for the walk to the stadium. While his Bloody Mary surely had no pedigree, no fancy garnishes and was drank in a solo cup, the memory of it and the affection for that wonderful couple still crosses my mind every time I have one.

This was such fun to paint but such work to set up.  I have a new found respect for food photographers and set designers.  They must tape everything in place.  About the time I got all the accessories set up just like I wanted them and started painting, the ice would shift and everything would move.  Talk about painting fast.  It's a necessity!  I loved the groovy, swirly paper in the background.  Made it so much cooler. ;)

And just so you know, the accessories are: celery, lime, lemon slice, olives stuffed with blue cheese, pickled okra, a hot pepper and cilantro. Oh, and a salted rim...have to have that!

"well accessorized"
12" x 6" oil on linen panel

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