Friday, February 27, 2015

"silver linings"

Here is another painting just off the easel that once again is focused on the sky and clouds.  Sometimes a theme bears repeating, if for no other reason than to get it out of my system.  Here the landscape really takes a backseat to the clouds, although I do love that little swath of light on the left. I love the roll and tumble of the clouds and the silver lining concealed within them.

"silver linings"
30" x 30" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Monday, February 16, 2015

"complete enchantment" ...taking to the sky

I've been stuck on skies lately.  I'm not sure why.  With the leaves gone and the landscape bare and brown, I guess I'm looking up for inspiration.

I'm also back painting large works.  I need to start back building up my inventory of large paintings after a couple of months off painting small.

This painting actually started out as an iPhone photo messaged to me by my son.  He was on a skiing trip and snapped a gem out the window of the car. It was a picture of the sunrise over the ridgeline of the mountains in the distance.   I was working on another painting in the studio at the time he sent it to me but immediately put that one away and did a little 6"x 6"study of the picture.

I liked the simplicity of the study and decided to go larger and with a horizontal format.  Sometimes I get stuck doing a lot of squares because I like the shape too much.  I felt like a horizontal would give me more room to play with the clouds.  I loved their diagonal movement and layering.  

Here is the finished painting.  It totally derailed my painting plans for the day but in painting, as in life, sometimes you just got to follow your heart.

"complete enchantment"
30" x 48" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

Thursday, February 5, 2015

New Paintings at Bonterra

Now that January is over and I have finished my daily challenge, it's time to take care of my galleries. Part of this job is moving paintings from one location to another.  Selling a painting is an interesting thing.  No matter how wonderful the painting is, if the right person doesn't walk in and see it hanging in front of them.... it might never find a home.  It takes that one person to see it and love it.  Sort of a needle in a haystack sort of thing.

Galleries always want fresh work and I am only too happy to oblige because I love to paint. So as new works go into a gallery, older works come out.  Sometimes these paintings go on to another gallery and sometimes they come back to my studio for a while.  I've had a painting sit at a gallery for a few months then pull it out and put it in another gallery and it sells the first day there.  You just never know.  Therefore, my studio is in constant flux.... and sometimes a big mess!

I just hung four works this week at a spot here in Charlotte, Bonterra Restaurant.  It is a gorgeous historic space that used to be a church.  High ceilings, huge windows and beautiful wood and moldings throughout.  They are known for their unbelievable and extensive wine list and the food is pretty spectacular too.  Fabulous place to eat, drink and see some gorgeous art.

The first work is a new painting that I have actually never displayed.  It's a streetscape from one of my favorite places, San Francisco.  The last three have just come from galleries.  All of these are available and if you are interested just shoot me an email at .

"once upon a hill"
30" x 40" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

"spring thaw"
36" x 36" oil on gallery wrapped canvas

"bridge at first light"
30" x 48" oil on canvas framed

"green lights, tail lights"
36" x 36" oil on linen canvas framed