Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snow in the South..Part II

We actually had two separate snow "events" this year.  The second was billed to be much bigger than it turned out to be but I was able to get out and paint a little more.  Neither snow event gave me any sunshine to paint in so colors are muted and soft.  Just like it feels when you are out there in it.  These are the last two snow paintings I hope of the winter of 2015.  I'm ready for spring!

This one is a sweet little study of a tree.  It was perfectly decorated by Mother Nature herself.  I didn't have to change a thing.  You can almost feel the cold in this one but the warm greens in the cedar and the color of the rocks at the base of the tree keep it from feeling too chilly.

"all dressed up"
7" x 5" oil on panel

This is a view across the street that I see every morning as I drink my coffee and read my emails.  So familiar but yet with a covering of snow feels so fairytale like.  It's funny how snow can change the ordinary into the extraordinary.  I do love this old tree though in all kinds of weather.  It has such personality and it's branches against the sky seemed almost like calligraphy to me.

"winter calligraphy"
10" x 8" oil on panel

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