Friday, July 17, 2015

Where to begin.....

To say life has been hectic and I have ignored my blog for the last three months is an understatement on both counts!  So many things have happened since my last post back in April, I don't know quite where to begin.  I'll catch you up in a couple of sentences...

April was filled with travel from the beach to Monterey for the Plein Air Convention (absolutely wonderful) and then to the beach again.  And lots of baseball games thrown into the mix.

May was filled with teaching and several art exhibition openings and more baseball.

And June, well, that was filled with high school graduation, another art opening and moving into my new studio space and painting.  Which is also what most of July has been filled with...painting, I mean.

I have painted and delivered new art to a couple of my galleries and am painting now for three more upcoming shows.  Such a happy and creative time for me.  I also have a new class session starting in a couple of weeks so I am planning and getting ready for that.  And in the middle of all of this happiness back decided to throw a temper tantrum and pinch a nerve in my spine which causes excruciating pain in my hip and the front of my leg.  Sucks!! The only good part is that standing up is the position that causes the least pain.  Good for painting, bad for sleeping or driving.  Getting older is no fun!

So my day consists of painting and icing my back and then going home and complaining to anyone who will listen ....they are all starting to run when they see me pull in the driveway :)  I've got lots of new paintings though to show for my pain and thought I would give you a sneak peek at a couple that hopefully are headed to an exhibition in Atlanta, GA in September.

30" x 48" oil on gallery wrap canvas

36" x 60" oil on gallery wrap canvas

Can you tell I am sort of stuck on clouds at the moment?

Here is one that just sold:
36" x 36" oil on canvas

And here is one that I just blocked in and hope to finish today!

If you squint and look in the clouds on the right hand side, I see a dog's head! Do you??  Might need to fix that! I always see things when I take a picture and look at a painting in a small format.  Didn't notice that at all when I was blocking it in.  I'm blaming it on my back pain :)    

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David Forks said...

Hi Dottie! I like your painting "One Golden Afternoon" Nice color and composition.