Thursday, September 24, 2015

30 Days ...Day 24

Painted in my pajamas again today.  But today I got caught.  A house is being built next door to me and there are always construction workers milling around but I've gotten used to them.  However, my new soon-to-be-neighbors came by this morning to check on the progress and there I was, sitting on the ground in the back yard painting.  My dog started barking his head off, just to make sure that there was no way they would miss seeing me.  I kind of gave a little wave and tried to hurry up and finish my painting.  Then it started to rain but I was too far into the painting to quit so I just kept painting. In the rain.  In the middle of the yard. In my pajamas.  I'm sure they are wondering what kind of crazy they are moving next door to!
This is about the time it started to rain.  I snapped a picture in ca there was a downpour but luckily it was just a good steady drizzle.  Threw some pumpkins into the mix this morning.  Wish there had been a little sun to give it some zing but such is the life painting plein air.

This painting is available for purchase on DailyPaintworks.

"a fall composition"
10" x 8" oil on panel