Friday, September 25, 2015

30 Days ...Day 25

Confession time... I didn't actually paint plein air today.  I worked in the studio most of today and had a meeting this evening and was planning on painting after that.  I ran home to feed the dog and as I was checking the mail, my foot slid on the wet grass and bam!  I hit the ground.  I'm fine but I scraped about 20 layers of skin off of my big toe in the process.  It hurts like the devil so I am having a nice big glass of wine, putting my feet up and taking the night off.

However, I do have a painting to post.  And it is plein air.  I painted this little study last week when I was in Savannah. So I do have a Day 25 painting after all!

"tree study
12 x 6" oil on panel

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