Sunday, September 6, 2015

30 Days ...Day 6

Sometimes all you need to do is look up for inspiration. Today started out sunny and  then clouds moved in. And then they moved out.  And then they moved back in again.  All day it was like that.  Beautiful, fast moving clouds.  Lots of grays and purples, mixed in with various shades of white.  I put aside the painting I was working on to try and capture them.  It was like chasing ghosts but I think I managed to get a reasonably good idea down in paint of what was going on overhead.

This painting is available for purchase on DailyPaintworks.

"above the treetops"
6" x 8" oil on panel

1 comment:

MDS said...

What does it say when I can Now pick your paintings out of the crowd?
Oive the clouds, lady!