Thursday, December 10, 2015

Sugar Creek

Another gift of a day to paint.  I will paint outside in just about any weather, although rain is not my pick, but warm sun and blue skies are my favorite. The short days mean that the beautiful, golden afternoon light comes a little earlier in the day and lasts a little longer.  It really adds such a glow to the golds and bronzes on the trees.  Painting the landscape around me is still all about the softness.  Soon all the leaves will be gone and painting the southern landscape will be more about the structure and starkness.   Neither is better, just different.  I think that is one of the things that draws me to paint outside... the constant change.  Nothing ever stays the same.

I painted yesterday afternoon beside a little creek with my studio-mate, Paul Hastings.  He is mostly a studio painter but I am trying to convert him to the joy of plein air.  :)  The reflections in the water of the trees and the bright blue sky were so beautiful and such fun to paint.

What an absolutely awesome way to spend an afternoon. :)  This painting is available on Daily Paintworks if you are interested.  It will be dry and ready to ship in a few days....just in time for Christmas!
"sugar creek"
9" x 12" oil on panel

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