Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"at the edge of the woods" ...Day 27

Snow fades fast in the south.  Most of the snow and ice is off of the roads now although this morning my driveway could still be used for a skating rink.  I headed back to the same spot by the creek and painted two paintings on Sunday...the one I am posting today and the painting I will post tomorrow.  Enough snow remained undisturbed to still paint although the grasses were becoming more and more a part of the scenery.  I like the different textures that snow in the landscape provides.  It is an ever changing scene as more snow melts and reveals what is underneath.

This was actually my second painting of the day.  I loved the bold blue shadows that streaked across the snow from the trees.  I always marvel at how a white blanket of snow seems to open up the landscape.  The southern landscape, especially the wooded areas, tends to be dense with undergrowth and trees close together and many small trees shooting up here and there.  But snow provides a clean and airy look to the woods and makes everything seem so much more open and visible.

"at the edge of the woods"
7" x 5" oil on panel


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