Saturday, January 9, 2016

"January afternoon" ...Day 9

I love the tree across the street.  It is my go to painting when I am pushed for time and have to paint.  My day yesterday was slammed and I was once again down to the wire.  I had to stay home for the rest of the daylight hours that I had so my subject matter was limited to what was in my own backyard ....or front yard for that matter.

The cloudy January sky eliminated a lot of the color in the landscape. Only a little burst of green in the grass.  But the tree with all of it's branches illuminated was beautiful.  It's hard to do it justice on such a small canvas but trust me it's a beauty.

Off to a basketball game this morning.  Happy Saturday to you!

"January afternoon"
7" x 5" oil on panel


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Sue Marrazzo said...

This is so soft, and pretty!