Friday, January 29, 2016

"lyrical" ....Day 29

Wow!  Only one more day to go!  Snow has all but melted here as this 30 day challenge is wrapping up.  I caught the very last of it at a small lake nearby.  You can see that the only snow remaining was across the lake.  I was standing in the mud.  And although it looks deserted, I was not alone.  At least two dozen geese wandered up and down the bank and around my feet as I painted.  I was of no interest to them.

I loved the way the branches and fallen logs dipped and weaved in and around each other and just touched the surface of the lake.  The wind was blowing which kept the reflections to a minimum but the deep olive green of the water was beautiful.  A lovely afternoon to paint.

7" x 5" oil on panel


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Jim Serrett said...

Your on a nice roll.