Tuesday, January 26, 2016

"snowbank" ...Day 26

I found this beautiful spot to paint just as the sun was starting to sink low in the sky.  It had been cloudy most of the day but finally the clouds broke about 4:00.  There is a creek not far from my house and I thought it might be a good spot to paint.  I was right.  No one was around and the snow was pristine.    The water was this gorgeous dark color which made everything else around it seem to glow.

All I wanted was a bigger canvas.  I thought that I would learn to love these little 5x7's but I don't.  I am frustrated because I just don't seem to have enough room to explore the subject in front of me.  They have been a great lesson in simplification, though.  There is too little canvas to go into much detail.  Sometimes that is fine but when I'm in a spot that is really awesome, I want a bigger place to play.

So I painted the 5x7 and simplified my shapes.  If I had more time I would have pulled out a larger panel when I finished and painted a larger one but daylight ends quickly in January.  The sun was setting quickly as I was packing up.   By the time I got to my jeep it was almost dark.

I will use this study and the pictures I took to paint a larger work.  You can see how dark the woods appear in the photo above.  But in reality, they were so much lighter....like in the painting.   That is the beauty of having a plein air study to develop a painting with.  The camera can lie and cause you to paint values that are all wrong.  I look forward to going bigger with this one.

5"x7" oil on panel


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