Saturday, January 2, 2016

"uptown view"

I love the challenge of painting skylines.  It's like painting building blocks but "real" building blocks. And on a cloudy day, it's even more challenging.  Each one taking on the gray of the sky in a slightly different variation. It is so tempting to alter them....make them "pretty".  But a much better exercise  is to try and capture them just as they are.  For me, "pretty" is for later, back in my studio...using my plein air study but doing something a little different with it.  When I am outside, I like to try and capture the color and atmosphere of what I am really seeing.  Be in the moment.
I am trying harder to do more of that this year.  I am always thinking ahead, planning or consumed with a painting that is giving me problems that I am constantly distracted.   Just going through the motions of everyday life.  There are whole conversations that I don't remember having with my friends and family.  When I have a brush in my hand, I am totally in the moment.  Everything else in life falls away.  I want to try and be that same way in all of my "non-painting" hours too.  It's going to be a challenge :)

"uptown view"
7" x 5" oil on panel


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Sue Grilli said...

Dottie - I love the abstract feel that this painting has. thanks for sharing

Marcela Strasdas said...

That is so true, "when I have a brush in hand I live in the moment".... For me, it's like the world stops when I am painting, no matter how worried I may have been about something or anxious about something in the future, while I paint, all those things disappear! Thank you for sharing! I love the softness of your palette in this painting. :)