Tuesday, February 23, 2016

"nature's sermon"

68 degrees in February.  You just can't get much better than that, can you?? Not unless it was 70 degrees and sunny :)

It was cloudy on Sunday but that was a small price to pay.  And it began drizzling about halfway through my painting but, again, a small price to pay to be outdoors painting.  The ground was covered with freshly strewn straw and it smelled heavenly.  Took me right back to when I was a kid riding my horse in the pasture during the  spring.  Early signs of spring are everywhere as the landscape is beginning to change from browns into golds, greens and purples.  It is so interesting how early spring colors mimic the colors of fall.  The chance to take all this in, leaves me feeling so lucky.

I hadn't tried painting outdoors with my cast on until last week when I took a quick trip to the coast.  The painting part isn't really the problem, although I am slower than normal.  It is the "setting my plein air easel up with my left hand" part that is the problem.  Or so I thought.  Turned out it was not a problem at all.....just took me a little longer.  Once again, a small price to pay for enjoying such a wonderful day.

"nature's sermon"
8" x 10" oil on panel
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hmuxo said...

Beautifully painted!!!!